At Dawn - Jaguar

At Dawn

Jaguar 120


This piece started as a conversation with director Isaac Sokol. He came to us with the idea for a car story that balanced new and old, beauty and speed. To strike this balance, we called our old friend Fernando Juan Alva Miras, an antique car collector from Argentina. Fern chose the 1965 Jaguar 120, a classic beauty.  While it's hand built lines were easy to showcase, at the age of 52 it's speed wasn't quite on par with today's supercars.  Our goal was to amplify the feeling of speed through how we moved the camera and cut together the footage for the final piece. 

May 2017


director & editor

stunt driver


director of photography

head of production

post production coordinator

sound designer

drone pilot

color grade

production assistant

Isaac Sokol

Fernando Juan Alva Miras

Will Humphrey

Drew Levin

Harvey Burrell

Tripp Clemens

Michael Bucuzzo

Will Barnes

Phil Choe / Nice Shoes

Dan Sestito